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• We own warehouses of different designation with a total usable area of 13.840m2.
• Storage sites with the total area of approx. 9.000m2, equipped with 3 cranes with a lifting capacity from 8 t. to 12,5 t.
• Underground warehouse for industrial water or other liquid substances consisting of 4 reinforced concrete tanks with a total capacity of 688m3.
• Silo storage consists of 4 reinforced concrete monolithic silos, circular cross section, internal diameter 8.5 m and height 24,2m. Aggregate silos parameters are as follows:
volume: 6.222 m3
capacity: 3.688 m3
In addition, possibility of storing liquid substances requiring heating (especially in winter). Storage takes place in 4 horizontal steel tanks with total capacity 200m3. The heating medium is technological water.