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In 2016 Conbelts finalized the revitalization and modernization process of the laboratory which included retrofitting of each section of the facility.

Acquired or modernized devices:

  • Climatic chamber and aging oven allows conditioning the specimen for testing them in a strictly defined and monitored conditions.
  • Modernized tension endurance machine allows making precise elongation tests of core fabrics and ready conveyor belts.  
  • New flammability chamber improved testing method of conveyor belts produced by Conbelts.
  • Mixing plant acquired new equipment allowing to define basic parameters of rubber compounds and PVC, which are used for the production of conveyor belts’ covers.

Thanks to the investments and continued development, we are able to perform more detailed analysis of the quality of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products manufactured on our production lines. We are able to meet the increasing demands of current and new customers.

Conbelts S.A. offers services related to research and testing rubber compounds and conveyor belts.