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Career Start

In 20014 students and graduates have a possibility to win an internship in the technology department by taking a part in the project: “ Career start”. Two people - Karolina Miera and Joanna Olszówka, who reached the highest scores in the competition, took part in a three-month internship. Following the internship they were employed in the company in the technology and laboratory department.

Conbelts Bytom SA gives young people opportunity to exist on the labour market and gain first work experience.

The project „Career start” is a unique project in the province of Silesia. It combines two ideas- promoting the Institution as Corporate Social Responsibility and promoting the brightest students.

The project aims at selecting the best and the most motivated students and graduates who will have a chance to serve their internship in renowned Silesian companies. The projects consist of 5 complementary parts.

Career Start is an internship programme for university students and graduates who want to chose wisely in their professional life. The initiative is the result of the cooperation between Dziennik Zachodni and SMG/KRC Poland Hr. Its main goal is to support ambitious and creative people who are not afraid of challenges.