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Women in Conbelts


Once you go deeper in the structure of Conbelts Group Company you will be surprised. The whole group is managed by a man- Bogdan Fiszer – President of a board, but 73% of the members of the board are women (8 women) - directors 64%, supervisors 40 %. It is surprising as Conbelts is a company closely related with industry, especially mining, which are seen as male-dominated environments. According to the statistic mentioned in the article “How to get rid of prejudices that hinder career” published in February 2014 in magazine Harvard Review Poland, in Polish companies women make up 27% of all management positions. Conbelts is a flat contradiction to this trend.

In Conbelts women are highly appreciated - because of their competence, experience, creative approach to many topics, determination and, at the same time, ability to concentrate on the cooperation within the company, not the fierce competition. Women who work for Conbelts do not lack leadership skills and always build strong,  motivated teams in every department. In “Women of Conbelts” we will proudly presents the ladies that help us run the company.



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